The List of automotive light bulb types

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List of automotive light bulb types

Light bulbs for automobiles are made in several standardized series. Bulbs used for headlamps, turn signals and brake lamps may be required to comply with international and national regulations governing the types of lamps used. Other automotive lighting applications such as auxiliary lamps or interior lighting may not be regulated, but common types are used by many automotive manufacturers.


  • 1 International
    • 1.1 Filament lamps
    • 1.2 Gas discharge lamps
  • 2 Germany
  • 3 United States and Canada
  • 4 Other countries
  • 5 See also
  • 6 References


The World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (ECE Regulations) develops and maintains international-consensus UN Regulations on light sources acceptable for use in lamps on vehicles and trailers type-approved for use in countries that recognise the UN Regulations. These include Regulation 37,[1] which contains specifications for filament lamps, and Regulation 99 and its addenda[2][3] which covers light sources for high-intensity discharge headlamps. Some UN-approved bulb types are also permitted by some other regulations, such as those of the United States or of Japan, though Japan has begun supplanting the former Japanese national regulations with the international UN regulations.

Filament lamps

UN Regulation 37 covers motor vehicle filament lamps. These are categorized in three groups: those without general restriction that can be used in any application, those acceptable only for signalling lights (not for road illumination lamps), and those no longer allowable as light sources for new type approvals but still permitted for production as replacement parts.

Group 1 (Without general restrictions)
Category Filaments Nominal power
(major/minor filament
where applicable)
Cap (base)
per IEC 60061
Other approvals Remarks Image
H1 1 6V & 12V: 55W
24V: 70W
P14.5s USA, Japan H1-Lampe-12V-55W 20050302 1950 2247.jpg
H3 1 6V & 12V: 55W
24V: 70W
PK22s USA, Japan Osram H3 12V 55W.jpg
H4 2 6V & 12V: 60/55W
24V: 75/70W
P43t Japan Similar US bulb: HB2 (9003)[4] H4 Philips Premium used.jpg
H7 1 12V: 55W
24V: 70W
PX26d USA, Japan Philips H7 12V 55W.jpg
H8 1 12V: 35W PGJ19-1 USA Philips H8 12V 35W.jpg
H8B 1 12V: 35W PGJY19-1 USA
H9 1 12V: 65W PGJ19-5 USA
H9B 1 12V: 65W PGJY19-5 USA
H10 1 12V: 42W PY20d USA US trade # 9145
H11 1 12V: 55W
24V: 70W
H11B 1 12V: 55W
24V: 70W
H12 1 12V: 53W PZ20d USA US trade # 9055
H13 2 12V: 60/55W P26.4t USA US trade # 9008
H13A 2 12V: 60/55W PJ26.4t USA
H14 2 12V: 60/55W P38t Japan
H15 2 12V: 55/15W PGJ23t-1 USA, Europe 15w filament for DRL function Osram H15 12V-15-55W lamp.jpg
H16 1 12V: 19W PGJ19-3
H16B 1 12V: 19W PGJY19-3
H21W 1 12V & 24V: 21W BAY9s
H27W/1 1 12V: 27W PG13 USA US trade # 880
H27W/2 1 12V: 27W PGJ13 USA US trade # 881
HB3 1 12V: 60W P20d 90° USA, Japan US trade # 9005
HB3A 1 12V: 60W P20d 140° USA US trade # 9005XS
HB4 1 12V: 51W P22d 90° USA, Japan US trade # 9006
HB4A 1 12V: 51W P22d 140° USA US trade # 9006XS
HIR1 1 12V: 60W PX20d USA, Japan US trade # 9011
HIR2 1 12V: 55W PX22d USA, Japan US trade # 9012
HS1 2 6V & 12V: 35/35W PX43t For motorcycles
HS2 1 6V & 12V: 15W PX13.5s For motorcycles
HS5 2 12V: 35/30W P23t For motorcycles
HS5A 2 12V: 45/40W PX23t For motorcycles
HS6 2 12V: 40/35W PX26.4t For motorcycles
PX24W 1 12V: 24W PGU20-7
PSX24W 1 12V: 24W PG20-7
PSX26W 1 12V: 26W PG18.5d-3
S2 2 6V & 12V: 35/35W BA20d For motorcycles Automotive Light Bulb, Model: S2, Voltage: 12V, Wattage: 35w/35w, Socket: BA20d
S3 2 6V & 12V: 15W P26s For mopeds

Group 2 (Only for use in signalling lamps, cornering lamps, reversing lamps and rear registration plate lamps)
Category Cap (Base) Filaments Nominal Power
where applicable)
Comments Image
C5W SV8.5 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 5W Old designation: C11 C5W lamp.jpg
H6W BAX9s 1 12V: 6W H6W Halogen Lampe.jpg
HY6W BAZ9s 1 12V: 6W Amber
H10W/1 BAU9s 1 12V: 10W
HY10W BAUZ9s 1 12V: 10W Amber
H21W BAY9s 1 12V & 24V: 21W
HY21W BAW9s 1 12V & 24V: 21W Amber
P13W PG18.5d-1 1 12V: 13W
PW13W WP3.3×14.5-7 1 12V: 13W
PC16W PU20d-1 1 12V: 16W
PCR16W PU20d-7 1 12V: 16W Red
PW16W WP3.3×14.5-8 1 12V: 16W
PWR16W WP3.3×14.5-10 1 12V: 16W Red
PWY16W WP3.3×14.5-9 1 12V: 16W Amber
PS19W PG20-1 1 12V: 19W
PSY19W PG20-2 1 12V: 19W Amber
PW19W WP3.3×14.5-1 1 12V: 19W
PWR19W WP3.3×14.5-5 1 12V: 19W Red
PWY19W WP3.3×14.5-2 1 12V: 19W Amber
P21W BA15s 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 21W Old designation: P25-1 P21W.jpg
PR21W BAW15s 1 12V & 24V: 21W Red
PY21W BAU15s 1 12V & 24V: 21W Amber
P21/4W BAZ15d 2 12V & 24V: 21/4W
PR21/4W BAU15d 2 12V & 24V: 21/4W Red
P21/5W BAY15d 2 6V, 12V, 24V: 21/5W Old designation: P25-2 Osram 12V 21W 5W.jpg
PR21/5W BAW15d 2 12V & 24V: 21/5W Red
P24W PGU20-3 1 12V: 24W
PY24W PGU20-4 1 12V: 24W Amber
PH24WY 1 12V: 24W Amber Philips PH24WY.jpg
PS24W PG20-3 1 12V: 24W
PSY24W PG20-4 1 12V: 24W Amber Philips PSY24WSVplus lamp.jpg
PW24W WP3.3×14.5-3 1 12V: 24W
PWR24W WP3.3×14.5-6 1 12V: 24W Red
PWY24W WP3.3×14.5-4 1 12V: 24W Amber
P27W W2.5×16d 1 12V: 27W US trade # 3156
P27/7W W2.5×16q 2 12V: 27/7W US trade # 3157 P27 7W lamp.jpg
PR27/7W WU2.5x16 2 12V: 27/7W Red
PY27/7W WX2.5x16q 2 12V: 27/7W Amber
US trade # 3757A
PY27 7W lamp used.jpg
R5W BA15s 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 5W Old designation: R19/5 R5W lamp.jpg
RR5W BAW15s 1 12V & 24V: 5W Red
R10W BA15s 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 10W Old designation: R19/10 R10W lamp.jpg
RR10W BAW15s 1 12V & 24V: 10W Red
RY10W BAU15s 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 10W Amber
T1.4W P11.5d 1 12V: 1.4W
T4W BA9s 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 4W Old designation: T8/4 T4W lamp.jpg
W2.3W W2×4.6d 1 12V: 2.3W
WY2.3W W2×4.6d 1 12V: 2.3W Amber
W3W W2.1×9.5d 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 3W Old designation: W10/3
W5W W2.1×9.5d 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 5W Old designation: W10/5 Philips 12V 5W.jpg
WR5W W2.1×9.5d 1 12V & 24V: 5W Red
WY5W W2.1×9.5d 1 6V, 12V, 24V: 5W Amber
W10W W2.1×9.5d 1 6V & 12V: 10W
WY10W W2.1×9.5d 1 6V & 12V: 10W
W15/5W WZ3×16q 2 12V: 15/5W for motorcycles
W16W W2.1×9.5d 1 12V: 16W US trade # 921 W16W lamp broken.jpg
WY16W W2.1×9.5d 1 12V: 16W Amber, US trade # 921NA
W21W W3×16d 1 12V: 21W US trade # 7440 W21W lamp.jpg
WY21W WX3×16d 1 12V: 21W Amber
US designation: 7440NA
WY21W lamp.jpg
WP21W WY2.5×16d 1 12V: 21W
WPY21W WZ2.5×16d 1 12V: 21W Amber
W21/5W W3×16q 2 12V: 21/5W US designation: 7443
WR21/5W WY3×16q 2 12V: 21/5W Red


Group 3 (For replacement purposes only)
Category Cap (Base) Filaments Nominal power Comments Image
C21W SV8.5 1 12V: 21W Old designation: C15,
for reversing lamp only
H2[5] X511 1 12V/55W Deleted from Reg 37 H2 automotive lamp.jpg
P19W PGU20-1 1 12V: 19W
PC16W PU20d-1 1 12V: 16W
PCR16W PU20d-7 1 12V: 16W Red
PCY16W PU20d-2 1 12V: 16W Amber
PR19W PGU20-5 1 12V: 19W Red
PY19W PGU20-2 1 12V: 19W Amber
PSR19W PG20-5 1 12V: 19W Red
PSR24W PG20-6 1 12V: 24W Red
PR24W PGU20-6 1 12V: 24W Red
S1 BA20d 2 6V & 12V: 25/25W for motorcycles

Gas discharge lamps

UN Regulation 99 covers gas discharge light sources for use in vehicle headlamps. All light sources acceptable under Regulation 99 are also acceptable under US regulations.


Category Cap (Base) Nominal power Remarks Image
D1R PK32d-3 85V/35W Integral ignitor
For reflector systems
D1S PK32d-2 85V/35W Integral ignitor
For projector systems
D2R P32d-3 85V/35W For reflector systems
D2S P32d-2 85V/35W For projector systems Xenonlamp.jpg
D3R PK32d-6 42V/35W Mercury-free
Integral ignitor
For reflector systems
D3S PK32d-5 42V/35W Mercury-free
Integral ignitor
For projector systems
D4R P32d-6 42V/35W Mercury-free
For reflector systems
D4S P32d-5 42V/35W Mercury-free
For projector systems
D5S PK32d-[7] 42V: 25W Ballast output voltage
D6S P32d-1 42V: 25W
D7S PK32d-1 42V: 25W


There is a German national regulation for vehicle bulbs, now superseded by international ECE regulations. Bulbs according to the old German regulation are still manufactured. The German regulation is contained in §22a, Subsection 1, No. 18 of the Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung (StVZO, Road Traffic Approval Regulation).[6] Per the Fahrzeugteileverordnung[7] (FzTV, Vehicle Parts Regulation), such light bulbs must bear an approval mark consisting of a sine wave (squiggle line) and the letter 'K'. The technical requirements themselves are established by standards produced by DIN.

German vehicle bulbs per DIN
Category Nominal power Filaments Cap (Base) Comments Image
Form K (DIN 72601, Part 4) 6V, 10W 1 SV8.5-8 11 × 41 mm
Form K (DIN 72601, Part 4) 12V, 10W 1 SV8.5-8 11 × 41 mm
Form K (DIN 72601, Part 6) 6V, 18W 1 SV8.5-8 15 × 41 mm
Form K (DIN 72601, Part 6) 12V, 18W 1 SV8.5-8 15 × 41 mm
Form K (DIN 72601, Part 6) 24V, 18W 1 SV8.5-8 15 × 41 mm
Form R (DIN 72601, Part 6) 6V, 18W 1 BA15s
Form R (DIN 72601, Part 6) 12V, 18W 1 BA15s
Form R (DIN 72601, Part 6) 24V, 18W 1 BA15s
Form S (DIN 72601, Part 7) 6V, 18/5W 2 BAY15d
Form S (DIN 72601, Part 7) 12V, 18/5W 2 BAY15d
Form S (DIN 72601, Part 7) 24V, 18/5W 2 BAY15d

United States and Canada

In the United States, entry 49 CFR 564 in the Code of Federal Regulations requires manufacturers of headlight bulbs, officially known as "replaceable light sources", to furnish the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with product specifications at least 60 days prior to first use.[8] The specifications supplied by the manufacturer, on approval by NHTSA, are entered in Federal docket NHTSA-1998-3397.[9] From then on, any light source made and certified by any manufacturer as conforming to the specifications is legal for use in headlamps certified as conforming to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108. Light sources for vehicle lamps other than headlamps are not Federally regulated.

In Canada, vehicle headlamps may use light sources (bulbs) conforming to either the US or the international ECE regulations.[10]:108(5)(a)

Replaceable Light Sources for Vehicle Headlamps
Bulb Type Trade Number[11] Cap (Base) Filaments Nominal power @ 12.8v
(High/Low beam
where applicable)
Comments Image
HB1 9004 P29t 2 65/45W
HB2 9003 P43t-38 2 60/55W
European H4 w/stricter geometric tolerances
& lower max output limit
HB3 9005 P20d (90°) 1 65W
HB3A 9005XS P20d (straight) 1 65W HB3 w/140° straight base
HB4 9006 P22d (90°) 1 55W
HB4A 9006XS P22d (140° straight) 1 55W HB4 w/140° straight base
HB5 9007 PX29t 2 65/55W
H13 9008 P26t 2 65/55W
Category Cap (Base) Filaments Nominal power Comments Image
PC194[12] ? 1 14V?/3.78W, ? Used on circuit boards
for e.g. dash lights
PC194 lamp.jpg
Category Cap (Base) Filaments Electrical Characteristics Comments Image
H3C 1 6V/55W,
(USA for unregulated auxiliary lamps only)





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